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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{Summer Americana Themed Porch}

I am jumping the gun a bit by pulling all my summer decor out but tomorrow is May! I associate May with summer time..the start of the BBQ season!!! I wanted to share with ya'll my porch in all it's Americana splendor! I re use as much as possible, which meant puling out my red pillows I used during Christmas last year for pillows on my wooden chairs. I was considering buying some fabric and making some custom pillow covers but the red pillows will work perfectly! Less work, less $$ spent! Hooray! Everything I did purchase, craft paint, paper mache stars, scrap book paper, etc/ was purchased at Hobby Lobby! My favorite store...or they are tied with Lowe's! Haha. Here is a picture walk through of my porch decor. =)

Here is a little bit of a closer shot of the porch. I left my grey frame with drop cloth covered canvas as a back drop for my table. It also adds some great height and texture. 

I bought paper mache stars in two sizes at Hobby Lobby and used some craft paint in red, white and blue I hung them off of branches I had from my backyard and also hot glued two paper pin wheels in coordinating paper

I painted a scrap piece of wood with some red craft paint, distressed it and used some themed scrap booking paper I bought at Hobby Lobby to make the stripes and star section. 

I am really loving pin wheels this summer season and my porch is no exception! I used two American themed scrap book papers with bronze tacks to create them... using the same method found here

These nautically themed hooks were the perfect shades of red white and blue
! I scooped these up at 50% off at Hobby Lobby this week!

This American themed picture box added some great height to my branch arrangement.
 It was %3.99 at Hobby Lobby. The little lighthouse was from who knows where? 

My big window needed a garland of some type so I used scrapbook paper and card stock
 to create these awesome vintage looking paper banners, just like I did for Easter. (See HERE)!
 I used small wooden clothes pins to hang them off some jute twine strung across the window!

I used two paper folded circle on either side of a huge pin wheel! 

God Bless America!


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