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Sunday, June 26, 2011

{My Craigslist Finds}

So for the past week or so I have been scouring over Craigslist to find furniture that I could re-do for our new home (that we still haven't heard word on). Here are some of my finds...

This table is solid walnut, so I am thrilled about that. It is a solid hefty piece of table! I plan on lightly sanding and using a gel stain to achieve a dark brown, almost black look. Adding some white accent paint along the rim should give me a similar look to the table in the picture below. That dining room belongs to JLo and it is to die for!!
Walnut Table- $50
I am going to re-finish the table to look similar to the one in this photo.

Part of sectional- $40
So I saw this part of a sectional which is in perfect condition on Craigslist for $40 and called the number right away. Nobody picked up and the answering machine was in Spanish! I left a message in English asking if the couch was still available and left my number. No response after a couple hours, so I called back, a woman picked up this time..."Hola". Oh great! They don't speak English. The woman proceeded to tell me in Spanish that she didn't speak any Spanish and asked if I did. I actually understand a bit but not enough to have a conversation with this woman and get her address and such. So I told her in English I would have a relative of mine who spoke Spanish call her back on my behalf. She said "okay" but I knew she had no idea what I had just said to her!  So, I enlisted my aunt to call and speak with the woman about the couch. Many people had called and were interested but because she didn't speak any English I think it was a barrier for people to communicate with her. Lucky for me, I have a whole family who speaks fluent Spanish so we ended up being able to secure the couch. I sent my husband who of course speaks no Spanish either out to Fontana to the the couch. It was about a 30 min. drive to a lower class area, but all ended up well. It is only a piece of a sectional so I plan of finding a table to place on the left side of it...pretty good compromise for $40!! Here is a picture of how plan on using this piece of furniture on our patio!


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