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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thrift Store Find Turned Chic White Bunny

When I hit the local thrift stores, I have a mental list of the items I am in search of. They are mostly home decor type items that I can either currently use or will fit in to a future holiday/season scheme. Right now my home is decorated for the Spring/Easter season with a focus on cherry blossom branches and teals, white and pinks in varying hues. Some of you may have seen my DIY Pottery Barn Knock Off Easter Eggs post (Click here.) that I was inspired to make after seeing a Pottery Barn Ad! I absolutely love the collection of white bunnies underneath the centerpiece and knew I needed to start a collection. The Pottery Barn white ceramic bunnies are $29 a pop! Wow! That just doesn't fit in to my budget so I knew I would be going the DIY route with this! I did have two white bunnies to start my collection off, but my darling son managed to break the ear off of one so he is MIA and the second is currently occupying my Peter Rabbit themed hutch this Easter. I am a simplistic gal who LOVES me some white, especially white ceramic! My mind automatically jumps to "Paint that white!" when I see items i the thrift stores that wouldn't match my home decor. Just a tip, there are many an item you would easily look over because it was not the right color or maybe just plain ole' U-G-L-Y! But with a little creativity and armed with a can of your favorite shade of spray paint you can change the look and feel of almost any piece! I spotted this cotton candy pink, childish looking bunny in a local thrift store and paid $2 for it! $27 savings! However it doesn't quite meet my white guidelines, but I knew I could easily change that! I have many a can of spray paint sitting in my garage waiting to be used to transform pieces, so this transformation was just the cost of the ceramic bunny! Score! I happened to have Rustoleum Ultra Coverage in white gloss at home so that is what I used. Normally I would opt for Krylon as Rustoleum says "apply to wood, wicker, metal, plaster or unglazed ceramic" I had no issues though. When working in spray paint read all the directions in the can and work in even light strokes! Many thin coats is better than one or two thick, gooey, dripping coats! It took me about 4 thin coats to get the entire pink gal covered up and I am loving the end result. Here is a brief picture tutorial:

Removed all stickers or in this case tape

Used my Krud Kutter to clean and remove any sticky residue left on

Handy dandy spray paint!

One thin coat

Two coats

Three coats! Almost there but still some pink peeking through in the ears

Four coats and finally done!


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