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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Upcycled Shirt to Glam Knotted Headband

So after just coming off of the DIY elastic hair ties I made, I have had hair accessories on the brain! What to make? What to make? With Spring and Summer fast approaching I want to start making some cute hair bands that I could wear. I also wanted to do this on a budget and preferably with materials I already had on hand.  I have many clothes that can be upcycled in to crafts so I grabbed a stack and set out to try and make some headbands. Here is a tutorial for one of them! I am calling it the Glam Knotted Headband! I wore it across my forehead for a more bohemian look, which I am really digging for this season. You can also wear this as a regular headband in your hair. This tutorial is pretty much all pictures, because words would just be too confusing to follow! Contrary to the photos you will need 4 strips of fabric, two for each starting formation of the left loop and right > shape. I just used two in the tutorial so it would be easier to see!

Here's What You Need:
  • Jersey fabric or an old shirt with stretch
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
Start by cutting 4-2.5" strips all the was across your shirt
(cut through both sides so it will actually make a ring)

Cut one end of your shirt so you have a strip instead of a ring
Pull lightly on both ends of your strip so the ends curl up

Starting Configuration

Move you top left piece under the top right piece

Now move your bottom right piece under the loop on the left(see below for a better shot)

Grab top piece of > shape
Pull the top piece of your > shape under it's bottom piece you just laid under the loop

Continue to pull your piece over the loop

You should have this shape now!

Lightly begin pulling the ends tighter to bring the knotted shape inward

I cut a small scrap piece of fabric and glued the ends down on the longer sides
  to cover and glue the ends down to form the headband

You will need to cut the ends to a comfortable size for your head then put the glue down side  of your small scrap piece in the middle ensuring all the ends are tucked in

Flip it over and add some more hot glue and press the left side down

Add more glue and fold the right side down


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