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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fall Printables

Click Here to Order "Hello Fall"

When it comes to changing around my home decor for the upcoming seasons, I like to change out prints in frames all around my home! It is a easy and fairly cheap way to spruce things up and set the tone for the upcoming season! Typically I will check blogs, and Pinterest for some good, free/cheap prints that will add some style to our home! Now, don't hate...but, I am using NO orange or reds in my fall homescape <--is that even a word? ;) I wanted to create a very, muted, classic, farmhouse inspired look this season, so those popular colors we associate with the season were benched for the season! I scoured the Internet for prints, and couldn't come across anything that I really liked that would give the feel I wanted. So I turned to my online editing program and created my own prints! Most of them are chalkboard inspired, as that is all the rage right now! My favorite print has to be this, "hello FALL" with the white little pine cone! I scored that awesome matted frame at my local Habitat for Humanity Store for $1! This print is formatted to a 8" x 1" size and I printed it on cardstock! Right now I am offering $1.00 off your min. $2 purchase of one of my instant download prints on Etsy with coupon code--> 1OFFPRINT. All my prints are only $1-$3!

Keep calm & decorate on!
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Some of my Fall Home Decor Pieces!

It's Fall Ya'll!!!! Well, not quite...I am guilty of starting to decorate for the upcoming season far ahead of time. I actually started putting up my Fall decor at the end of July! I really couldn't help myself! I started working on new items for my Etsy shop and needed to stage them for photos, so instead of repeatedly dragging my fall decor out, I just left it out =) I wanted to share with you guys a little photo gallery of whats going on in my home this fall! Many items are available in my Etsy shop! 

Click Here to Order!
Starting with the front door, I created some burlap roses from mustard yellow and natural burlap and
hot glued them on to a 28" sunburst grapevine wreath! I love the simplistic beauty of the wreath and didn't want to over kill it by adorning the wreath with too much. It is large, bold and beautiful!  I made a decision this year which may shock some of you, but, I wanted to decorate with absolutely NO orange or red! I wanted a muted fall look, with greys, burlap, browns and a little touch of mustard on my front door and porch area! I think I succeeded in pulling off a classic look!

I created this beauty along with the hubby last week! I am in love! Looking forward to making many more sizes for all over the house! Sadly, I haven't found the perfect spot for it yet, so it is chilling in the garage! I am planning on putting a tutorial together next time we make one! Keep your eyes peeled! =)

 Fall+ Burlap=True Love!
 This is a true statement! While creating decor for my home and shop I knew burlap was a must! I used two different pennant shaped to create different looks for each. These are available in my etsy shop for $15 a banner + shipping!  Wording color choices include, white, black and brown. Click here to order triangle pennant banner! or Click here for the flag style pennant banner! For anybody wondering, the books are a Habitat for Humanity find .50 for 8 books! The burlap pumpkin is from Hobby Lobby, as well as the lantern! Hobby Lobby runs their lanterns 50% every other week and they now match their in-store prices online as well! Here is the link to the lantern shown in the photos, it is $7.99 while on sale! Score-->Metal Lantern

The canvas is a hand painted piece I created for my homer, but also offer it in my shop! They piece is 16" x 20" and painted a creamy subtle off white! Lettering is hand painted in black, and there is light black distressing on the edges and throughout. It is a stunning, simple piece that would make a great addition to any home!

When, I decorate I like to go all out, which for me includes my banister! Our front door is to the left of the top photo and so that is the first room you walk in to. I decided to create a simple paper, flag style pennant banner to adorn the banister. This was super easy! Find some card stock, or paper in a print that goes with your decor, I chose song sheets. And print the words FALL, one letter a time on to each page. Then cut the pennant shape you desire, punch holes on either side and string jute twine through! Easy Peasy! I would suggest buying a couple extra pieces of paper in case your printer decides to eat one, or it prints wrong, etc. These paper banners are available in my shop for $12 a piece if you don't feel like creating your own!--->Click here to order a Fall paper banner!

Below, are some shots of some of the prints I created this season.Usually I scour the Internet finding far too few pieces that will fit into the feel I want for the season. So instead of wasting time doing that I decided I would create my own! I worked on lots of chalkboard style 8 x 10 pieces, as well as a few 4 x 6 pieces that I have printed and displayed all around my home! They are all available in my etsy shop for $1-$3 as instant downloads!

Hope you enjoyed some of the fall pieces I created this season! I will be putting together a Fall full home tour soon!
Keep calm and decorate on!